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Ashvamedha Gold Coin Relief

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Product Code: FBB002334
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Product Name Ashvamedha Gold Coin Relief
Description The Gupta emperor Samudragupta issued various types of Gold Coins in India, among them, the Ashvamedha (horse sacrifice) gold coin (335-375 CE). It features a sacrificial horse standing facing left, a sacrificial post in its front with an ornamental pedestal in two steps, slightly bent in the center, a crescent behind the haunch of the horse, and a string of beads above the head and back. The Brahmi legend reads "Rajadhiraja Prithiva..." (King of Kings, who conquered the earth, Restorer of Ashwamedha), around, with the Brahmi letter 'Si' (Siddam) on top of a pedestal placed on the platform under the horse's belly.
Size 5 inches
Material Fibre
Color Golden
Texture Solid
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